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Mediation – what is it?

Mediation is:

  • A structured procedure for constructive conflict resolution.

It can be applied to resolve disputes concerning custody and the right of access as well as child abduction. A third person – the mediator – assists the conflicting Parties in reaching an agreement by themselves which they perceive as fair, and which meets their needs and interests.

  • Voluntary

If the conflicting Parties take part in mediation or not, or if the process is to be cancelled or interrupted – it all depends on you.

  • Open and unbiased

i.e. it is not aimed at enforcing only one’s own interests and wishes without involving a court.

Therefore, one of the preconditions is that both Parties are willing to negotiate.

  • Confidential

As a rule, the Parties agree with the mediator that none of those present in the meetings will or has to disclose any information about any matters that have been discussed in the mediation meetings.


  • Do not make any decisions but they direct the process of dialogue. They provide a setting which enables the conflicting Parties to present their points of view on the issues they want to resolve, and they explain the rules, the structure and process of mediation. Mediators are NOT judges, experts, lawyers or therapists.
  • Are impartial, i.e. they assist all the Parties in looking for mutually satisfactory solutions.
  • Should have special experience and expertise with regard to cross-border family conflicts (legal knowledge, language, intercultural experience).


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