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Welcome to the website of the German Branch of International Social Service,

the Central Contact Point for Cross-border Family Conflicts (“Zentrale Anlaufstelle für grenzüberschreitende Kindschaftskonflikte” – ZAnK).

When parents separate, the lives of all persons involved will often be dominated by lots of arguments and fights. Above all, children are the subject matter of dispute between their parents. The question to whom legal custody should be given, or how the right of access is to be carried out, preoccupies the minds of the parents as well as social work professionals and, last but not least, the children. Finding a solution can be even more difficult if one of the parents is staying in another country, if different laws apply, or if there are different cultural concepts and behavior patterns. Cases of child abduction demonstrate that such conflicts are sometimes highly escalating. Such situations pose a particular challenge to all persons involved – both from the personal and the professional aspect.

Upon request of the Federal Government, the German Branch of International Social Service, in its function as Central Contact Point for Cross-Border Family Conflicts (ZAnK), would like to give you some information on this website about the particularities and possible options in cases of cross-border family conflicts.

The target group of the services we offer are all those who are or may be dealing with such conflicts: parents, staff members of youth welfare offices, judges, and lawyers.
You are welcome to call us. We will give you information and advice, free of charge, on the further steps to be taken, to help you find a solution in the best interests of the weakest ones trapped in the conflict: the children.


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